Structured Cabling Solutions

IDIS take complete accountability for all data and telecommunications cabling. We will strongly recommend a structured approach. The Structured Cabling Business Unit provides complete solutions in the Passive segment of networking. The IDIS had completed a number of large values Structured Cabling projects on a turnkey basis and is offering complete range of Structured Cabling Solutions. IDIS provide a standards-based structured cabling system, which will provide functionality and scalability with the maximum available options for current and future equipment .


Structured Cable Design & Installation:

IDIS offers full installation capabilities in order to meet the needs of the enterprise information and communication network as dictated by the IDIS's Engineer design. This not only maintains the clients desired intent for the facility,but also reduces the cost of the project by eliminating the numberof vendors required to fulfill the construction process. We can offer cabling solutions for both in-house and outside design bid packages. Our forte is saving he client time and money for installation services. Our Project managers coordinate their assignments with the client using state-of-the art web based software interfaces that show project timelines, updates, test results, drawings in CAD/PDF formats and change order capabilities.


  • Telcomes Project Management.
  • High Speed Copper network design, installation,testing and commissiong.
  • Fibre Optic network design,installation,testing and commissioning.
  • Multimode and Single mode fiber installations
  • Riser and backbone cabling
  • Intelligent cable management solutiongs
  • GSM installation,testing and commissioning.
  • Wireless network surveys,design,instllation, testing and commissioning.
  • Cisco network design, installation, testing and Commissioning.
  • Network hardware installation.
  • Network hardware installation.
  • Security cabling installation.
  • Legacy client support.
  • Electrical installation, commissioning and inspection.


Businesses must be positioned to respond quickly to changing economic conditions - especially when these conditions require expansion. To take full and timely advantage of growth opportunities, a company's cabling infrastructure must be built or rewired to ensure consistent flexibility, periodic growth and uninterrupted connectivity.

IDIS is providing multi-site cabling contractor services; supports the need for adaptable, scalable and reliable communications and technology access.

Prior to beginning any project, our team leaders work with our clients on a thorough requirements gathering process. During this process, we develop and share a complete blueprint mapping out the cabling infrastructure that will meet their company's needs today - and decades down the road.