Data Security Solutions

Internet access has opened the door to a magnitude of business economics and a host of challenges. The dynamic Web services that enable customized information have also produced privacy concerns and associated fraud attacks through phony sites and scam emails. Although Internet connectivity improves business productivity, it also made it easier for malicious users to launch widespread attacks and for unauthorized users to access valuable data on corporate networks. And the threats themselves have become more advanced and dangerous over the years.

To achieve continuous protection and maintain reliable threats’ mitigation, IDIS selected a family of business security products that address the challenges of widespread connectivity, evolving threats, fragmented solutions, and operational difficulties. IDIS believes that in order to address these challenges, any properly constituted security solutions must be comprehensive, integrated, and simplified. These three characteristics are the tenets around which all our supported security products are designed.


IDIS security products offer a comprehensive solution with end-to-end protection of the IT infrastructure:

  1. a. Protect operating systems:IDIS has selected the best software solution that provides the highest protection for Microsoft client and server operating systems. It contains highly responsive anti-malware engines that provide real-time, scheduled, or on-demand detection and removal of viruses, spyware, rootkits, and other emerging threats.
  2. b. Protect critical server applications:Publishing internal servers over the Internet to provide secure access to your applications and systems require more than just a packet-filter firewall. IDIS supports the most advanced Application-layer firewalls that perform full inspection of traffic, thus protecting application servers through a defense-in-depth strategy. In addition to the edge protection, IDIS chooses the most robust server security products to protect specific server applications from malware (such as Email and Portal servers). These server security solutions utilize a unique multi-engine architecture that provides high levels of protection and reliability.
  3. c. Enable secure, controlled access:To enable remote access for your external users, IDIS provides multi-layer and integrated security solutions that offer an advanced firewall, VPN, and encryption capabilities. These solutions integrate users’ identity management to ensure only authorized users can gain access to appropriate IT resources and data.
  4. d. Safeguard sensitive data:To complement the defense-in-depth security strategy, IDIS supports an advanced Information Protection solution that guarantees the confidentiality of sensitive data. Through the use of access rights, policies, enforcement and advanced encryption, the Information Rights Management (IRM) solution ensures that only authorized people can access confidential information with only the appropriate level and prevents information leakage completely.


Integrated security products offered by IDIS provide multiple levels of integration so that administrators can achieve greater efficiency and control over the security of the network.

  1. a. Integrate with applications:The anti-malware and secure access products are specially designed to integrate with and protect business critical server application such as Exchange, Outlook® Web Access and SharePoint. This integration provides critical protection against the newest generation of application-specific attacks.
  2. b. Integrate with IT infrastructure:Security products work with the existing IT infrastructure, including directory services, systems management tools, and software distribution and update services. These products utilize your existing infrastructure to enable the seamless management of security service deployment, distribution, configuration, and enforcement. Simplified IDIS provides advanced security products that are designed to simplify deployment, configuration, management, reporting, and analysis so that users and administrators can have greater confidence about the protection of your IT infrastructure.

Simplifydeployment:Integrating IDIS security solutions with Active Directory and update systems (such as WSUS) provides a common foundation for change and configuration management. Users and administrators both benefit from the centralized distribution of up-to-date configurations, policies, and operating system or anti-virus updates for server and client hosts.

  • Unify reporting and analysis:The offered security products centralize the collection and analysis of security management information by storing all security information in a single SQL Server™. SQL Server Reporting and Analysis Services to identify and interpret security events.

Simplify management:Security management and reporting is centralized; its components integrate fully with existing management systems including Microsoft Operations Manager, Microsoft Systems Management Server, and Windows Server™ Update Services. These integrated management consoles offer familiar interfaces and ease-of-use for administrators, thus reducing training time and helping to control business costs.