About our Group

Ain Holding Group Companies:

IDIS – Integrated Development for Information Systems

IDSS – Integrated Development for Security Systems

IDAS – Integrated Development for Application Systems

SC - AlShalhoub Contracting.

Board of Directors

-H.E Mr. Hamdan Khalil AlEjel – Chairman & Chief Executive Officer for the Group.

-H.E. Dr. Emad A. AlShalhoub – Board Member, General Manager for Ain Holding Group.

-H.E. Sheikh Adel S. AlShalhoub – Board Member for AIN Holding Group.

Ain Holding is named as the future for everything, as well as the vision for the fields that AIN works in Ain Holding was founded in 1979.

A dynamic, diversified investment group of companies with a variety of key growth sectors that include; capital, real estate, technology, Security solutions, Defense and Constructions.

Ain Holding has a team of dedicated professionals and partnership with international consultants in finance, investments, Defense & Security who bring their knowledge and technical expertise to support the business units and to assist in achieving the long-term objectives of the Group.

We are committed to work together with societies to overcome challenges, expand opportunities and help communities thrive through identifying and investing in projects that generate sustainable growth and returns for our shareholder, and to contribute to the economic and social development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the countries in which we invest and operate.